Why advertise with us

Our website receives a high volume of quality traffic from drinks related professionals, clients and candidates. As we specialise in the drinks industry, we are interested to hear from any drinks related business, charity or individual looking to advertise with us. We welcome both commercial and non-commercial promotions such as drinks related blogs, charities, training providers or events. To maintain the quality of our site we will only provide advertising space to drinks related adverts.

We regularly promote our site across various media platforms including Linkedin, our LinkedIn Groups, Facebook and Twitter to ensure you get maximum exposure. Your advert can also be animated for maximum effect. We consider each advertising promotion individually and prices are dependent on any current promotions, size of banner, placement and length of advert. Please get in touch for the latest rates and promotions.

Banner types

We currently have the following types of
banner advertisements available for
positioning throughout our site.


Dimensions: 728 x 90 pixels
Format: JPEG, GIF or Animated GIF
File Size: 150KB Maximum


Dimensions: 160 x 600 pixels
Format: JPEG, GIF or Animated GIF
File Size: 150KB Maximum


There are numerous places to advertise throughout our site. The diagrams to the right show the positioning of both the Horizontal and Vertical banner adverts.

Adverts can be placed on the following pages:

Home page
Job search
Search results